What’s new in the world of prom dresses?

Image:© yuriyzhuravov/Fotolia

Prom dresses have always been popular. Every girl dreams of wearing a ball gown, not just because they are unique and wonderful with their own star-charm and a glint of magic but also because they symbolize a very important phase of a girl’s life – graduation, the coming of age and the beginning of adult life. The magic of the first ball is different for everyone yet similar in its uniqueness. The magic of selecting the perfect dress is pretty much the same. Each year the runways show newer and more beautiful dress models, some extravagant and more limited in their use, others simpler, more elegant and classy.

While in the years past every other girl went for the fairy-tale type of ball gown, today the most popular dresses are the ones with a clean and refined look, resembling the gowns worn on the red carpet. Many girls borrow ideas from celebrities, because their gowns have a real starry charm         dictating the tendencies of evening attire and formal ware in the world of fashion.

This is the first moment of a girl’s life where she comes in contact with a formal setting and the requirement of elegance. The dress she selects will most likely be worn only once and afterwards be kept in the closet as a dear memory. Some girls however, decide to select a more practical prom dress that could be worn multiple times in different settings. Today, short dresses are also considered suitable prom gowns and they are the ones with a wider application, so if you want to be mature and pick a reusable dress, go for the shorter variety. Simpler dresses are usually preferred by girls who are not enslaved to extravagant fads, but have the guts to create their own style in deliberate simplicity. This is also a good approach if the fashion mistakes we often hear celebrities being accused of are to be avoided.

These are the two options when selecting a prom dress – either go for the simpler, classic, reusable ones or bravely risk a fashion disaster by attempting to follow the hottest trends. The decision is up to you.


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