What’s fashionable for 2013?

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Even though it’s the middle of winter and the long warm summer days are a faraway mirage, fashion, especially women’s fashion is never static and is constantly developing. This is why it is never too early to get yourself informed concerning the latest tendencies in summer clothing. Here are some key pointers to help you find your way in this rapidly evolving fashion world.

Dresses with floral pattern and belts

2013 will offer a wide variety of floral patterns and stamps combined with belts, free and easy and so far away from the rigid, formal dresses worn at government institutions or banks. You will ensure a feminine look if you select a dress with longer sleeves and an emphasis on the back. Whether such a dress can be worn to work depends on the work environment and field. One thing is certain – this kind of dress will often be seen in 2013.

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Collarless tops and t-shirts

No matter if the neckline of your preference is deep or more modest the collarless shirts will replace the more formal hard-collar shirts you wore last year. These elegant shirts will add a Mediterranean touch to your wardrobe. The tops will be predominantly in warm and light colors suitable for the summer months. For the evenings or cocktail parties you can choose elegant blouses with enhancing elements such as metallic threads and sparkling particles.

A well selected lady t-shirt made out of fine and delicate fabrics and a side cleavage will transform you into a young fun-loving yet stylish damsel. This year decorative elements are expected to be lavish while shirts can sport the edge typical for formal wear in previous years.

In the last two years there is a noticeable tendency for glamour and exquisiteness. There are all kinds of metallic nuances in clothing which enhance this glamorous feel – gold, silver, bronze, etc. They are imitations, of course, not real metal but the effects are striking. According to our specialists this tendency will remain for the summer of 2013 and the worlds runways will be brightened by metallic shine. We would advise not to through away all such accessories you have acquired in the previous years, or at least not just yet. Of course you should not go overboard with the metallic tones. They should only complete and complement a harmonious and elegant look, not create tackiness and kitsch. Choosing shiny materials is no easy task but a skillful selection can contribute to a stylish look that few can boast.

If anyone tells you that leather is worn only during the winter you will know that they are not in sync with the latest fashion tendencies. When we put aside the popular qualities of leather to insulate and preserve from cold, leather clothes are multi-purpose and can be worn in all seasons. What is more, a quality stylish leather garment is very hard to find. A stylish leather skirt is perfect for the evenings. Yes, even summer evenings! Nevertheless, for daytime choose skirts or dresses out of lighter materials. Leather skirts are perfect only for events after sundown in the summer or a spring day and should not be worn in the blistering heat of summer days.


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