What to keep in mind when choosing a dress

Image:© Sergey Nivens/ Fotolia

It is true that every woman wants to look beautiful and stylish even if some of them won’t admit to it. The selection of clothes and accessories has a detrimental influence on that.

Without a doubt dresses are the most spectacular of feminine clothes. This is why when the desire for beauty and elegance overtakes a woman the dress is her top choice. But this choice needs to be made with taste and knowledge. Here you will find three guidelines to consider when buying a dress.

First, when buying a dress you have to take in to account your own figure and whether the dress model you have your eye on will flatter or distort your body. Tight, clinging dresses are suitable for slim ladies only. Larger ladies should go for a dress whose skirt has more volume and ruffle. Likewise, long dresses are great for tall women while petite ladies will have to go for the mini or knee-length dresses.

The rule in fashion as in many other areas is that defects should be concealed while advantages should be highlighted. This is why if you are blessed with a large chest you should choose a dress with a more open neckline. If you are lucky enough to have a thin waist, wear a dress with a spreading skirt which is tightened at the waist with a belt.

The second important thing to think about when selecting a dress is the color. You have to choose a nuance that will go with your complexion as well as your hair and eye color. Women with pale complexions should not wear pale pastel tones, while red-headed ladies should be very careful when choosing clothes in pink, fuchsia or purple. The black dress is one of the all-time favorites for all women because it always looks elegant and stylish, but sometimes the occasion calls for a brighter, more vibrant color such as orange, yellow or bright-red. Such colors have the advantage of drawing attention.

And last but not least, the dress you select should be in sync with all the accessories you want to wear with it. If you like large jewelry or exotic accessories, you have to choose a dress with a simple clean cut. If you do not plan on wearing jewelry, you can compensate with a diverse, interesting dress with many decorative elements.


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