The uneasy task of choosing an evening gown

Image:© Dmitriy Raykin/ Fotolia

Evening events are among the most romantic and exquisite in a woman’s life. Events that require a special dress code do not happen every day, which is why you should take selecting an outfit seriously. Evening gowns come in various shapes and looks and are the best means for a woman to attract attention to herself.

When choosing an evening gown, you will do well to take into consideration some of the latest fashion trends. The discrete sequin decoration has been in style for a few years now. Sequins can give a formal look even to a seemingly casual dress. Their color can either be the same as the color of fabric or it can contrast with it. Different colors of sequins can also be combined in a single dress. The best arrangement for an evening gown, however, is that of black sequins with a silvery glow on a black dress. Lighting in the evening is peculiar and gives the sequins a special shimmering charm, attracting everyone’s attention to the forms of the body wearing them. This is why they should be avoided by ladies who are not in their fittest shape.

A shiny silvery, golden or platinum dress is also a very glamorous choice. With such a gown you will look like a diamond sparkling in the dark. Shiny metallic dresses can support a very minute amount of jewelry. If you can’t help yourself, wear a ring, earrings or a few bracelets, but whatever you do, keep your neck clear of necklaces and pendants. The metallic dress is best worn without any jewelry.

A dress in pink or beige tones is also an excellent choice for a formal event. Such a dress has an exquisite, stylish look and the woman wearing it glows with soft femininity. This dress should be worn with light makeup while the hair should be arranged in a gentle feminine style. Bright attention-getting details are unnecessary. The purse and shoes should be in harmony with the dress. The best fabric for a dress like this is the soft smooth silk.

If you want to look slimmer in your evening gown, choose one with an empire waistline. The trapezoid skirt of this dress will hide wider hips and buttocks, while a deep neckline will broaden your shoulders. The high-waist dress should not be short or too wide, because this will make the woman wearing it look pregnant. When the dress has an Empire waist, this draws attention to the upper part of the body and makes you look taller. Wear high heels with such a gown.


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