The short-sleeved dress

Image:© withGod/ Fotolia

Short-sleeved dresses can be either formal or casual depending on their design and the fabric they are made of, but when talking about garments with short sleeves, the image that comes to mind is mostly that of the casual summer dress. It is an elegant and feminine dress very suitable for the warm summer days when it is inappropriate to show too much skin with a spaghetti strap dress or a dress with bare shoulders. In the office or the workplace many women feel the need to be elegant and stylish without being provocative and that is exactly when they can employ the use of the short-sleeved dress. It is a very modest tool for creating the charming feminine glow women are allowed to have at the office.

Dresses are basically the favorite piece of clothing for every woman and we would be happy to wear them every day. Contemporary fashion offers such a great variety that this is no longer impossible. Today we can choose between winter or summer dresses, casual or formal, sexy or modestly feminine like the short-sleeved dress.

Short-sleeved dress models are so numerous that they will easily add diversity to your wardrobe. The most popular cuts look like a long top or shirt which is slightly outspread from the waist down. The varieties for everyday use are typically made from soft natural materials that gently drape around your curves or airy materials that slide like a gentle veil around your body. The short dresses with short sleeves create a sensation of gentle, almost girlish purity. They bring memories of our childhood dresses in which we spent some of the best and most fun moments of our lives. This is how the short-sleeved dress combines a mature elegance and comfort with a beautiful simple innocence. Of course the short-sleeved dress can also be extremely sexy, especially if it accentuates on your bust or legs. You can extend the effect of such a dress by wearing shoes with very high heels.


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