The right dress for the right occasion

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Hardly anyone has doubts that the dress is the most feminine, sexy and stylish at the same time garment.


The dress is the most multifaceted “lady” in the closet – from the airy beach dress with straps to the heavy evening dress with stones – the dress could be an appropriate garment for every occasion and for every event – if you are able to understand its language.


For an official event is logically to stop your selection for outfit at a dress. To choose the right dress and feel at place with it, consider the occasion, for which you will wear it.


If you are looking for a dress for a strict formal occasion, perhaps in the invitation is described the dress code for the event – if not, trust your own flair and the unwritten rules. The strictly formal dress does not have to be black but with black you will not go wrong. Long or short – it depends on you, your age and figure, but the long dress stands more stylish and more formal.


The official dress requires the presence of a neckline – not too flamboyant, of course, if you are worried by the standard neckline, choose a dress with a neckline at the back.


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If the occasion is not so strictly formal, such as a cocktail, is appropriate the dress to be short – with length around the knee. For extra glamour and to decorate the too boring dress, accentuate with a brooch in the appropriate color or cover your shoulders with a scarf instead of the standard jacket.


In the recent years more and more topic are the various garden parties and nonstandard weddings in the nature – the choice of a dress for such occasion is a wonderful option. If you stop your choice at a sheer dress with floral designs, with laces and motifs in the Provence style, be sure that you will definitely look more than fine. The fresh, spring colors, combine boldly with colored shoes, and if the event allows it bet boldly and on the non-standard accessories such as tiara with butterflies in your hair.


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