The return of the tight dress

Image:©Dmitriy Raykin/Fotolia

What woman will not take a moment to admire a gorgeous dress displayed at the window of a boutique or a fashion store? Regardless of their model or fabric, dresses have always attracted attention and admiration since antiquity. This is probably why the dress is such a popular canvas for designer’s expression and experiments. Contemporary fashion tendencies dictate the cut and the style of décor in this popular element of women clothing.

In the last few seasons, designers displayed in their collections fabulous gowns with layers of tulle flowing gently down to the floor. Today, however the tendency is for the return of the tight dress.

Fashion Week in New York has recently announced this trend that is clearly noticeable in the fall collections of some of the most famous designers in the world. Carolina Herrera is among the top innovators in fashion, endorsing the idea of sensual femininity revealed in tight clean-cut dresses. Her models follow the natural curves of the body drawing attention to the thin waist thus highlighting the beauty of the female physique.

Additional elements decorating the dress are often accompanied by stylish accessories such as thin belts or leather gloves. They accentuate on the elegance of the outfit giving it a special charm.

Thigh dresses do not simply return to fashion. They return with a bang! They have become the model of preference for millions of women around the world. The typical length for this year’s tight dress is a few centimeters below the knee and it comes in a great variety of colors. The preference for single color dresses is dominant, but floral patterns, animal prints and stripes are also popular. Clinging dresses can have different sleeve length while the shape and depth of the neckline greatly multiplies the variety and gives more options to choose from.

Elegant high-heel shoes are a wonderful addition to an exquisite tight dress. Massive platforms are a great choice but the thin heel is an undisputed favorite when it comes to style and elegance.

Designers complete the perfect outfit with a purse decorated with exquisite ornaments. There is an accent on the bags and purses in more than one of this fall’s collections.

The elegance and femininity of the tight dress is what makes it everlasting and keeps it resurfacing on the runways. Lucky for us, today it is more popular than ever. Look around fashion shops or internet catalogs – the tight dress is returning!


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