The little color dress


The LCD abbreviation can stand for many things but when we see it we usually think of Liquid Crystals Display. In the international language of fashion, however, this abbreviation is mostly associated with the Little Color Dress. The tradition started almost a century ago by the legendary Coco Chanel leaves one under the impression that the little black dress (LBD) is the only classic deserving of attention. Of course it makes a lady feel stylish and elegant; it can be combined with almost anything, yet some women feel that the black color of mourning is not the one that suits their personality. The light colorful dresses have the ability to inspire different sentiments – positive emotions and a feeling of youth and lightheartedness. Every woman should have at least a few of them in her closet.

And here is a little secret for you: Men are turned off by the rigid black, but the romantic fantasies and pleasant summer memories of many of them are linked to short flower-patterned dresses.

Just like the little black dress, its colorful sister has never gone out of style in the past hundred years though it has changed shape many times. Ranging from a single bright color, to polka dots, stripes, plaids, flower or ethno elements (the latter two patterns being the most popular this year), the little color dress has had just as enduring popularity as Chanel’s little black dress. Vintage dresses in a 60s style are also very much in style this year. The early Bridget Bardot or Sofia Loren look is elegant enough to grace any woman.

The little color dress is a paradigm of gentleness and femininity. With its lightness and adorable airiness it brings to mind a quote from Amelia Mann “Gentleness is to preserve a dandelion”.


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