The little black dress

Image:©Oleg Gekman/Fotolia

Everyone has heard of the little black dress. It is a long time now since it stopped being merely a piece of clothing. Today the little black dress is a whole concept, a symbol and a classic that has found its usefulness throughout the years.

Since the time of Coco Chanel, even to the present day, it has kept its firm foothold in every woman’s wardrobe.

No matter what the contemporary fashion tendencies are, women all over the world continue to place their trust in this eternal outfit, guaranteed to bring style and elegance in every situation. During the holiday season, the popularity of the little black dress grows tenfold.

The female admiration of this seemingly simple yet profoundly genius dress has remained strong for almost 100 years. Ever since its appearance in the 1920s, this legendary dress has revolutionized the wardrobe of women all over the world, adding unprecedented freedom to it.

The black color, equally neutral and alluring, allows for all kinds of variations and combinations. And combinations are often necessary. The same dress can look sexy, stylish or mournful, depending on what you combine it with. The latter effect is achieved by avoiding brave and daring combinations.

The simplicity of the cut gives great room for manifestation of fantasy and imagination with different details and accessories. Here the ability to combine different styles and to use differences making them complement each other comes in handy.

The best combination for the little black dress is high heels and an embroidered jacket. Wearing this dress, you will have to find the thin line between causal and elegant, so that you will look harmonious during the day as well as in the evening.

With the little black dress any metamorphoses can happen in seconds. Top it off with a regular jacket and you can take it to the office. Put on a leather collar and a precious stone brooch and the dress becomes a stylish evening outfit. The classic outfit which can make any woman look elegant is a little black dress, a modest pearl necklace, thin beige stockings and black heels.


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