Linen clothes – modern and comfortable

Linen clothes are perfect for the summer. They give our crispy skin a fresh coolness and protect us from the blistering heat. This is perhaps why the ancient Egyptians thought that the clothes of the gods were made out of linen. Mummies too were wrapped in linen, because this fabric was a symbol of ... Continue Reading →

Jersey and organza gowns

The silk jersey fabric is made of a satin weave which is soft, yet elastic and drapes nicely. This material is weaved from satin threads where the main thread intersects with three or more supporting threads. The outer side of the fabric has a bright glazed surface. The surface of the inner side of ... Continue Reading →

How to treat your dresses during washing

Sometimes we ladies can be very absent-minded and ruin a beautiful dress in the washer simply because we didn’t take the time to notice its instructions are for hand-wash only. In this article you will find out how to wash your clothes depending on the fabric they are made of. In the summer, the most ... Continue Reading →