Styling ideas for a wedding ceremony


Receiving a surprising invitation for a wedding – this has happened to almost everyone. And while for some this surprise can cause panic and inability to decide what to wear, for others it can be a good excuse for some shopping.

If you can allow yourself little time for putting together an outfit, then you should go for the ready-made options. If you are petite or thin and the only sizes left of the outfit you desire are too big for you, don’t worry, you can have them adjusted. They can be made to fit perfectly.

If you have enough time for a thorough styling you can have a tailor-made dress or outfit.

Whatever outfit you decide on, it has to be in unison with the place and time of the event. Is the wedding party going to take place in summer or winter? Is it going to be in the day or the evening? An open-air party or a restaurant gala?

A red dress

If you are not going to be a bridesmaid, which will require wearing an outfit chosen by the bride, you can look very stylish in a tight red lace mini dress, as long as the wedding takes place during the day in the open air.

Tobacco colored clinging dress

If the wedding party is in the evening, instead of the standard black, wear a knee-length sleeveless tobacco colored dress with a pleated bodice and a belt.


A light airy dress

The best choice for a daytime garden wedding is a dress with an open neckline, a flaring skirt and an empire waist accentuated with a belt. Made of light airy chiffon fabric, such a dress will drape beautifully and give you a feeling of freedom and wearing it will be a pleasure. This type of dress is especially suitable for those lucky ladies endowed with the honor of being selected as bridesmaids.

Don’t forget, though, that not all styles and cuts are suitable for everyone, so if you have sufficient time and want to look exactly as you imagine yourself, invest some time and money into having your dress tailor-made. This way everything will be in accordance with your desires and what complements you best; you will have a complete look without having to worry about what shoes and accessories will go with your outfit, because the styling specialists will take care of everything.


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