Nine ways to look great in a dress

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A woman in a beautiful gown always attracts attention from men and women alike. But in order to achieve this you have to know how to look good in a dress. Here are our tips.

1.    Keep your legs in top shape.

It’s hard to think of anything more unpleasant than untended legs. If you wish to look at least acceptable you have to care for your legs! This includes removal of all hair, completing your pedicure, hiding varicose veins, ensuring a tight and well-moisturized skin and, last but not least, having a good muscle tone. Flabby legs with cellulite are unpleasant to behold, regardless of the amount of time spent on pedicure.

2.    Choose a dress according to the occasion and your body type.

We all know that a well-chosen gown can hide defects and bring out the advantages of your figure. This is why you have to know where your strengths are and how to advance them. If you can’t decide what body type you are or if you have no idea what complements your figure, ask a friend for help or look it up on the internet. There are many professional and amateur articles on the subject. If you are still unsure, then consult a professional designer personally.

When selecting a dress, one of the most important considerations is where and in what company will you be wearing it. You cannot go to the office in a ball gown or go to a dinner party with office attire. Here all stylists agree that keeping the rules and etiquette is a must. Bending the rules is always interesting for everyone, but only when it is tastefully done. Scandalizing society is a very fine and tricky game and very few people can pull it off without losing their dignity.

3.    Wear high heels.

They will add elegance to your foot and refinement to your dress. This is an indisputable fact, which no critic can deny. Also, men like heels.

4.    Choose your undergarments with care.

A common mistake is the rude showing of underwear – a visible bra strap or outlining of panty details. If you do not have suitable underwear, then go without. That does not automatically translate into being scandalous. Fewer people will notice that you are not wearing underwear then if you’re wearing something improper.

5.    Walk gracefully.

Walk slowly, with an upright back and straight legs – this is all and it’s easy. With a little practice you can even make it look natural. And a graceful walk is more impressive than a perfect body.

6.    Care for your hands and neckline.

They are of no less importance than the legs. The same that goes for legs goes for them – healthy and hydrated skin, good tonus, beautiful manicure and no unnecessary hair.

7.    Don’t go overboard with accessories.

Otherwise they will distract attention from you. Accessories are necessary for the perfect finish of your attire but should be kept to a minimum.

8.    Practice a few moves.

The dress is like second skin to a lady. It should fit well and you should feel comfortable in it. Simple movements such as sitting, bending or ascending steps should not be troublesome. If you do not feel secure in a certain move, practice it in front of a mirror. This will give you more comfort.

9.    Have fun!

No matter how perfectly your gown fits, or how good it looks on you, or how graceful and practiced your manners are, unfortunately mess-ups happen. Learn to laugh at them and see the silver lining in everything. Do not pay attention to malicious criticism. Have fun! That’s what you’re dressing up for!


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