Long gowns for plump beauties

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Are you carrying around some extra pounds and are dejected because you can’t seem to find the right dress that will help you hide them? Don’t despair! There are tricks you can use to turn your plumpness into an advantage.

The first and most important thing to do when buying a dress is to decide which part of your body to hide and which part to draw attention to. If the dress you are hunting is for a formal occasion, make sure it doesn’t show much flesh; if it is an everyday dress then being comfortable should be its most important feature.

Choose dresses that are clingy and tighter in the upper part of the body, while the skirt is free-falling, preferably with a high waist.

Avoid bright colors and large patterns. They expand the body as unpleasantly as horizontal stripes. Vertical lines and patterns are always recommended for their slimming effect.

Direct your choice towards dresses made out of lighter materials, which drape well and do not create extra folds or air pockets. Rough materials, on the other hand, add heaviness to your movements and should also be avoided.

If your arms are a little flabby and you do not want to show them off, then combine the dress with a suitable jacket.

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If you have wide, round hip chose a dress which accentuates the upper body with a deep neckline and decorative elements. Create a visual balance with dresses of thin materials such as silk. Edgings are good for narrowing wide shoulders.

If you have large bust, then you should draw attention away from your bust, not to it. Highlight the waist and lower body. If your waist is too fluffy to be highlighted you can always go for the high-waist dresses with a free-falling skirt.

Do not wear spacious, loosely fitting dresses thinking that this way you’re hiding your weight. Such dresses create the opposite effect and make you look even wider.

Accessories are important for giving you the final touch. Large purses and massive jewelry are an excellent addition to your dress. If you are into scarves, chose such that would fall freely around your shoulders and neck. Don’t forget that the best accessory you can wear is a smile. Have fun and feel good in your body no matter if it is a few pounds heavier than you would like.


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