Linen clothes – modern and comfortable


Linen clothes are perfect for the summer. They give our crispy skin a fresh coolness and protect us from the blistering heat. This is perhaps why the ancient Egyptians thought that the clothes of the gods were made out of linen. Mummies too were wrapped in linen, because this fabric was a symbol of wealth and glamour.

Linen is thought to be the earliest fabric known to humans. It is often mentioned in the Bible because it is the material used for fashioning the garments of the priests. In ancient Rome, this fabric was originally a privilege only of the imperial family. Later its use was expanded but reserved only for the wealthy citizens and the priestesses of love.

Linen garments are still thought to be chic today. Anything can be made out of this material – dresses, pants, tops, jackets, shirts and skirts, costumes – casual or formal. Linen can often be seen triumphantly dominating the runways because designers often employ its qualities in creating their spring-summer pret-a-porters. This year’s collections again delight us with linen dresses, tunics, pants and shorts.

Contemporary technologies allow for the manufacturing of not only rough and thick linen materials, but also fine and soft ones. Although the natural tone of linen is light beige, there are no restrictions in color. The colors mostly used are ivory, beige and off-white. The snow-white color of linen is achieved through a complicated process of bleaching, while the rich bright colors are a result of additional coloring.

This fabric is often combined with other natural materials such as silk or cotton. It goes with all kinds of accessories and jewelry which are typically worn in the hot months. Linen has a very smooth surface, which allows it to stay clean longer. It is also very absorbent but dries easily. When wet it is very resistant to stretching. It is recommended that you wash linen at low temperatures to avoid shrinking.

This wonderful material has one distinctive flaw – it is easy to crumple and hard to iron. This is why linen clothes should not be centrifuged and should be ironed while they are still a little damp. This fabric gives good ventilation which is why it is preferred for fashioning summer clothes.


Fashion, as well as ecology demands that our clothes be made of natural plant materials. Linen gives not only a sense of coolness but also a sense of calmness. It is known as the best material for the perpetually busy. Some spiritual leaders teach that linen garments protect from tension and unwanted communications. They praise it as a good insulating material which reflects bad energy influences and recommend wearing it to crowded places.

It was once a symbol of luxury but even today linen is expensive. And regardless of the tendency for crumpling it is a very elegant choice for a summer party.

Curious facts

Linen is obtained from the flax plant which was well known in ancient Egypt and Palestine. The clean and light garment made of the strands of this plant was a symbol for innocence and moral purity.

Even people in ancient times have been well informed of the benefits of linen as a natural antiseptic. It kills germs, prevents infections and suppresses the harmful micro flora. Wounds heal faster under a linen bandage. It contains silicic dioxide which halts bacterial development. Today this is the only plant material which is used for inner stitches in medical surgery, because it is well accepted by the body and it completely dissolves in time. Linen garments lower the level of radiation several times, lessen gamma-radiation twice and offer protection in a chemically aggressive environment. What’s more, wearing linen clothes in the summer can lower your body temperature with 2-3 degrees, while in cold weather they will help you preserve heat.


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