Jersey and organza gowns

Image:©Denis Aglichev /Fotolia

The silk jersey fabric is made of a satin weave which is soft, yet elastic and drapes nicely. This material is weaved from satin threads where the main thread intersects with three or more supporting threads. The outer side of the fabric has a bright glazed surface. The surface of the inner side of it is matted. Silk jersey is most often used for free falling wedding gowns or evening gowns that are meant to show off the curves of the body. Jersey is difficult to work with because of its delicacy. Pins and safety pins leave marks, so when sewing a jersey dress use them only at need and only where they won’t be seen. One of the benefits of this fabric is that it does not unravel.

When a certain dress catches your eye, before buying it look it up on the internet. You will certainly be able to find it there or if not, then you will definitely get more ideas for models in all shapes, sizes and degree of formality. Some of the popular dress styles include an A-line (narrow dress with vertical seams and a spreading skirt), mermaid type (a dress that clings to the body all the way down to the knees where it begins to lavishly spread out) and a covering dress (no defined hip or horizontal line, wonderful for shorter ladies).

Silk organza is a transparent, thin material with an open weave, heavier and wavier than silk gauze. It has a smooth, flat surface; it is strong and durable getting its hardness from the close weave. It is often used for decorative elements. Organza is a very light and clear material, but it lacks certain elasticity and is typically used in layers, which makes it even more incompliant. It can be used on top of other materials, especially in eveningwear to create a gauzy, gossamer effect. It is also used for lining. Silk organza can be used for undergarments in order to bring transparency to a certain part of the outfit. It is easy to work with and pin-holes do not leave noticeable marks in it. Organza creates beautiful folds.


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