It is time for a dress

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What dresses are in style this spring and how to choose the ones that will look best on you.

Get rid of all remnants of winter depression and fight spring fatigue with a brisk walk in the mall and make sure that after the annual cleaning you will have at least one new dress to enliven your wardrobe and give you a positive attitude.

You can either align your choice with the popular fashion tendencies, or you can go with the classics. If you choose the current fashion you should know what it entails.

  • A multitude of colors and patterns combined in an unusual way.
  • The most popular length is ankle-length. These long dresses are usually made of silk or some other material which drapes nicely around the body.
  • The colors that will dominate the streets this spring are neon-yellow and green. They will also be the preferred color of accessories – bags, belts, shoes and jewelry.
  • The airy semi-transparent long gowns are going to be most suitable for evening attire or special occasions such as weddings. Especially if they sport a deep crease. Beads and sequins are also excellent as decorations of an evening gown.
  • Floral designs are recommended for daily wear, as usual.
  • More eccentric ladies can bravely direct their choice toward ethno elements, while stricter ladies can choose the more contained geometrical shaped patterns. The retro-babe style is still in and goes with all preferences.

Now that you know the latest tendencies, you have the freedom to neglect them. However, you are not free to neglect the type of your body. Even if you decide that you don’t like the turn fashion is currently taking and you have ideas of your own, you will still have to comply them with what looks good on you.

Hourglass type

If there can be a fashion for body types as for dresses, then this body type will be the top choice, yet again! If you are not sure what an hourglass body type entails, read on. Shaped and curved hips and buttocks, proportionally large breasts combined with an exceptionally thin waist. It is almost sinful to hide these alluring and enviable forms in clothes that will not highlight them. Tight dresses and wrap-arounds are great for accentuating those nice curves. A square neckline is the best for this body type, because it goes with the curves while narrowing the shoulders. The hourglass typically doesn’t look good in bright vivid colors, so you better give up on the neon yellow and select some of the calmer tones of this spring’s tendencies.

The pear or triangle type

When a voluptuous bottom is combined with a small upper body and narrow shoulders, you have a pear-shaped body type. It is logical that in this case a lady will do best to highlight her upper body and draw attention away from her wide hips. An impressive decorated neckline, interesting straps, frills and embroidery – all such details should be concentrated in the top half of your body. The skirt of your dress should fall freely and modestly. A knee-length dress will be best for you, because it will make you look taller. If you insist on your outfit sporting contemporary patterns, then at least use vertical patterns and stripes. The horizontal ones will only expand your wider parts.

The apple or inverted triangle type

Quite the opposite of the previous body type, here ladies have elegant legs and a tight bottom but it is all at the expense of the large chest, wide shoulders and fluffy waist. The waist is usually the part that gives apple-shaped ladies the most trouble. The solution is simple – instead of accentuating on your breasts, which are hard to miss anyways, try diverting attention to your slender legs. Embroidery, unusual dress patterns, creases, frills – they will all look great in the skirt of your dress. Keep the upper part simple. If your belly is fleshier than you would like to show, a high waist or a large belt will help you hide some extra pounds.

Tall and slim

A lot of people may think this is a perfect body shape, but the ladies whom nature has endowed with it will beg to differ – they too have their troubles. Sometimes they can look skinnier than they want, but they can at least use all bright fashionable colors and patterns and can also take advantage of the ankle-length of gowns. Tall women look best in dresses, there is no arguing this fact. If your hands and feet are too boney, stay away from sleeves and miniskirts. Keep your dress simple and clean. Avoid lavish decorations, because your fragile figure can get lost among them.

Petite ladies

By now all petites should have accepted the dreadful truth – no matter how lovely a long gown is, they should shun it like the devil, because it will only drive them further into the ground. The best optical elongation is achieved by a widening cut which begins right below the bust and goes down to the knee. Too many pockets and zippers will make the dress look childish. Keep that in mind. The decision of whether to look youthful or more mature is entirely up to you.

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Plus size

Structured dresses with multiple layers will highlight your lush figure in the best possible way. Besides patterns and cuts, you will also have to consider fabrics. Frills and creases will give you unnecessary folds. Shiny and glittering fabrics will not look too good on you. The V-shaped neckline and long necklaces draw attention to the face of the lady that is wearing them. This fact alone has a substantial slimming effect.

Masculine structure

If nature has neglected to underline your female curves, you can always do that yourself by choosing the right dress. Embroidery, bows and laces – you can use all those things that the other body types must refrain from.


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