In praise of winter dresses

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Cold, frosty, icy, windy – these are all adjectives suitable for describing winter. But if you recall that winter lasts more than 4 months you will see why contemporary women cannot allow themselves the negligence of not looking good during this time and spending the whole winter in druggy pants and boots. There are dresses that will bring elegance and femininity even to the short and chilly winter days.

Jeans – a winter cliché

Jeans are the ever-present uniform of all four seasons. They have many advantages, but if we want to be honest we will have to note their disadvantages. Jeans give a sporty look. Even the thickest of them do not entirely keep out the cold. They also contract the muscles of the belly and legs and interfere with blood circulation. Also if you tuck them into your boots your hips will automatically become optically enlarged and your whole body will be thrown off of proportion.

Praise the dress

A knitted dress or one made of a light woolen or cotton material will keep you warm and comfortable in the winter. Different cuts allow for accentuating or correcting the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. Reducing the waist, creating feminine curves, narrowing hips and lengthening legs – the dress is definitely a lady’s best friend.

You can bravely use all kinds of accessories with it – belts, big brooches, large and impressive necklaces. You can also give woolen winter jewelry a chance. Aside from warming your neck they will not hook up to the material of your sweater or dress.

Cold weather is no excuse not to wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress. Just put a shirt or a turtleneck underneath and your feminine winter outfit is ready to rock.

Buy a white dress if you dare. You will harmonize with the snowy landscape and this will give you a peaceful, gentle mindset.


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