How to wear a lace dress

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One of the prettiest tendencies in the fashion world this season is the lace dress. Now more than ever before we can wear lace dresses anyplace and to any occasion. Doesn’t matter if your style is more elegant or more casual, lace dresses come in all styles. There are however a few factors that need to be considered when choosing a dress like this. In this article you will find some suggestions on how to wear your beautiful fashionable dress.

Colorful lace

Colorful lace is very much in this season. Forget about black or white lace and wear a dress in red or purple. Since colorful lace is extremely noticeable, you will have to combine it with monochromatic accessories in a more neutral tone. This will make your red lace dress a perfect party outfit.

Everyday outfits

When you are wondering how to wear your lace dress first you have to give some consideration on the quality of the material it is made of. A lower quality lace is suitable for everyday wear and so is heavier lace. If you are going to wear it casually, choose a medium length dress in a neutral color. Combine it with beige accessories and you will achieve a stunning appearance.

Evening attire

Make lace the highlight of your outfit. The transparent lace dress is a very sexy option for your evening attire. Braver girls can wear it without underwear but for a more conservative look choose pretty underclothes which would be seen underneath your dress and add mystique to your look. Emphasize the beauty of lace by choosing a long clinging dress.

Heavy lace

This season elastic lace is replaced with heavy lace, because it does a better job in highlighting the curves of the body by sculpting and tightening it. The lace that is in style this season is wide and durable, allowing it to be worn in different ways.

Contrasting materials

If certain lace is too refined or heavy for your style you can combine it with a different material. If you want to soften your look, you can add a leather jacket to your dress or wear just a lace top.


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