How to look good in a bare back dress

Image:© Dmitriy Raykin/Fotolia

The bareback dress is the sexiest and most stylish outfit that can be seen at a formal party. The female back is a beautiful and dainty feature which when revealed can bring you many adoring glances. No wonder bareback dresses and gowns are so popular. They create an atmosphere of sensual mystique around you and add alluring elegance to your formal attire.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a bareback dress make sure to keep the following rules.

1.    A well cleansed back

Before you don your bareback gown, double-check for pimples, spots, uneven tan or peeling skin. Ask your partner or a friend to scrub your back if you are planning to show it in the evening.

2.    A trustworthy bra

The main problem with this type of dress is how to make the breasts look firm and keep them in place without any discomfort. This is why you will need a bra you can rely on. It is recommended that you do not use a silicon-back bra or one with silicon straps, because they ruin the look. It is better to wear just silicon cups and leave the back entirely bare. Depending on the dress model you have selected, you can use a normal bra with a back that is lower than normal.

3.    Keep your back straight

The most important detail when wearing a bareback dress is that you keep your back straight and proud. Never forget that! Don’t overdo it and trot around like a peacock, but don’t slouch either. A straight posture is very important for such a dress, because all looks will be drawn to your back. It will be a shame not to make the most of it.


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