How to choose a neckline that will go with your bust and shoulders


The V-neck is suitable mostly for ladies who have been lavishly gifted by nature in the chest area. Oval, revealing necklines are also complimentary for them. However, heavily busted ladies should stay away from turtlenecks, because they will make the breasts look even bigger and dominate the upper part of the body.

Ladies with large breasts should also refrain from wearing baggy tops. This will make them look too heavy at the top, losing the curves at the waist and giving an overall disproportional appearance.

Ladies with smaller bust can wear all kinds of necklines, except the deepest ones. If you have small bust, go for the tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare-backs – anything that will highlight the breasts but not be too revealing.

Narrow shoulders have been a symbol for beauty since antiquity. Today however they are not so revered, so if your shoulders are narrow, you might want to optically widen them a little bit. This can be easily achieved with a deep and wide square neckline. Contrasting colors in clothing are also a good means for creating this optical illusion.

On the other hand, there are ladies, who either have the apple body type or are heavily involved in sports, whose shoulders are too wide. If you are trying to make your shoulders seem narrower you can wear tops and dresses with deep U-shaped necklines. Ladies with wide shoulders should never wear a boat neckline! However they can show off their back with a bare-back dress or top.


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