Greet the New Year in emerald green

Image:© jackmicro/Fotolia

When it comes to color all fashion designers are prone to incline an ear to hear what the Paton Company has to say. And being a renowned producer of paints and classifier of colors, they will definitely have something to say that will be worth hearing. Last year this company declared “mandarin tango” color of the year and we spent nearly four seasons swaddled in warm orange tones.

Now the law-maker of the fashion palette has chosen emerald green as color of 2013, as stated by the Associated Press.

Complicated, intelligent, regal, this color implies wisdom, luxury and calmness. And what’s more, the Paton Company defines it as a color of renewal, so it will be completely reasonable to greet the New Year dressed in emerald green.

The nuance is named after the well-known precious stone emerald. It is also called poison green. It dominates the fashions collections for this summer and has already sold numerous outfits.


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