Formal gown tendencies for 2013

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When thinking of a formal gown for prom or another special occasion, there are probably hundreds of questions that go through your head. What color should the dress be? Long or short? Diverse or clean-cut? Tight or free-falling? By trying on different options you will discover the look that is best for you. Prom night is the magical night when a simple homely girl can wow her peers and shine in a new, different light.

The 2013 ball gown season is distinguished by its exquisite dresses inspired by Hollywood celebrities and ladies on the red carpet. Are you a fan of a celebrity? Go ahead, use some elements from her style. The fact that ball gowns are formal doesn’t mean they should be boring. Leading designers introduced their new collections where ball gowns are shiny, daring and easily adapted to a person’s individual style.

Colors and materials

The ball gowns of 2013 are predominantly bright in electrifying colors such as blue, pink, silver and even white. The preferred materials are exceptionally soft and shiny, highlighting the figure.

Long vs. short

The 2013 ball gown collections of fashion designers feature both long, free falling and short tight dresses. Both varieties are beautiful and elegant.

Short dresses are making a rage in fashion for the last couple of seasons and will definitely stay on the runways for another year at least. This kind of dress can have a diverse upper part – from long-sleeved to strapless. Also your shoes will not go unnoticed with a short dress.

The long ball gown can give you an aristocratic look, or quite the opposite – an atractive, playful look all depending on whether the dress has a slit and how high this slit goes. The material the dress is made of also plays an important part in creating its image. The long clean and exquisite dresses usually have a skirt that flows gracefully down to the toes. A more playful but just as exquisite option is the mermaid-type dress, which both clings to the body and flares outward in waves of tulle from the knees or middle of the hip.

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Cocktail dresses

If you decide on a short dress for your prom or formal event, then look through some of the cocktail dress collections. A few designers have come up early with their pret-a-porters featuring strapless cocktail dresses in blending colors and with metallic elements. The strapless dress with a deep neckline and a semi-transparent skirt adds allure and mystique to your appearance.

Celebrities often choose cocktail dresses for the red carpet. Their variations include asymmetrical cuts of the bodice and/or skirt, glamorous shiny materials and puffed taffeta skirts.

Barbie dress

The Barbie dress will complement almost any body type, because it features a tight bodice and a large, puffed, luxurious skirt. The great number of celebrities seen in such gowns is proof of their practicality and ability to enhance the advantages of any figure.

When using white, ball gown designers create dresses that are exceptionally alluring, but maintain their sweet and innocent look. Asymmetry and beads or rhinestones are a wonderful addition to any Barbie gown.


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