Fashion tendencies in prom gowns

Image:© iryf/Fotolia

Image:© iryf/Fotolia

Prom night is getting close and you have still not chosen the dress that will set you apart on that special night. Don’t be too worried, because this way you will be able to take into consideration the latest fashion tendencies.

The selection of any gown for a particular occasion always starts with the question “Long or short?” whatever you decide you will not go wrong because both varieties are in style this year. You can either go for the alluring floor-length gowns that follow your every move or the short sexy mini dress that highlights your body’s curves.

The long dress models made of light airy materials with a hip-high cleft will make you feel like a true contemporary Cinderella. They have style and elegance and also the added benefit of covering up some small defects.

If your body is in an enviable shape and you wish to show it off then choose a short, tight dress. These dresses are more comfortable and practical than the long ones and will allow you to dominate the dance floor all night. The added benefit of the shorter dress is that it can be used at other occasions after prom night is over.

The large lavishly decorated dresses that look like cupcakes are no longer in style. Chose a dress that accentuates on elegance and you will look much more exquisite. The fabrics of preference are silk, chiffon, lace, taffeta and tulle. They allow the dress to “move” with you and give a more comfortable feeling. Don’t forget that besides beautiful, your prom gown should also be comfortable, so that you can fully enjoy your magical evening.

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And what should the neckline be?

Basically 2013 fashion allows for a more seductive neckline. The leading positions are taken by the deep V-necks and the heart shaped necklines. The tendency for single-shoulder dresses comes as a pleasant surprise. The shoulder can be decorated with different elements such as flowers or rhinestones.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a prom dress is the color. It is the thing that gives the gown spirit and you can use it to express your individuality. If you want to create a stylish simplicity go for the pastel colors. This year blue continues to be the dominant color for young ladies, but cobalt blue is replaced by turquoise and emerald nuances. Pink and fuchsia are softer this year and so is purple which slightly changes its tone in the amethyst direction. White is always a classic choice and is always in style.

The more extravagant girls can safely go with the brighter colors, which are revered once again this year – violet, neon turquoise, lemon yellow, bright green or strawberry red. With these colors you will not remain unnoticed and you will also be in sync with fashion.

Floral patterns and blending colors will create a very romantic look. They are more suitable for long dresses and will make choosing accessories much easier.

Whatever dress you choose, don’t forget that it is just an addition to your natural beauty and charm. The prom is a once in a lifetime event, so don’t be a slave to your appearance. Enjoy every moment. You know that a smile is the best accessory.


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