Creative combinations for your little white dress

  1.     Large bracelets

Image:© nikomi/Fotolia

The clean white dress, which is very stylish on its own and its color is expressive enough to have eternal recognition can be very much enhanced with the addition of large colorful bracelets in different styles. This idea is recognized by celebrities as Eva Mendes, who wears a string of golden bracelets to finish off the feminine look of her white dress and Nicole Richie, who combines different styles of bracelets on both hands.

2.    Black jacket

A fresh black jacket gives a chic contrast to the innocent white dress. Zoe Saldana wears a black blazer with a draped white dress creating a very elegant outfit, while Kate Walsh prefers the combination of angelic white and a black leather motorbike.

3.    Metallic accents

Shiny silvery or golden accessories highlight the delicate beauty of the little white dress. Supermodel Chanel Iman is not the only one to attract attention with a silvery and golden shine, but also Kate Bosworth who beautifully combines the two metals with her elegant white dress.

4.    Accessories in brown nuances

This fresh neutral color gives white a more careless and casual look. Jennifer Aniston has diversified her elegant look with an off-beat beige belt and Vanessa Hudgens wears her roomy white dress with a thin belt and high platform pumps in lighter beige.

5.    High heels

Shoes with thin high heels are an excellent finish for a hot white mini dress. While Diane Kruger’s little white dress impresses with an unusual art design, the one worn by Jennifer Lopes is often supplemented by high heel pumps and colorful platforms.

6.    A casual scarf

A fresh scarf casually looped around the neck makes the little white dress look very chic. Blake Lively has noticed that, allowing her brightly colored scarf to fall casually around her shoulders, while Alessandra Ambrosio prefers to loop it around her neck.

7.    Large earrings

They can serve as a point of focus if you have decided to wear a single shoulder dress. Selena Gomez uses large glamorous earrings to achieve a pop look in her little white dress.

Image:© nikomi/Fotolia

8.    A noticeable belt

Adding a bit of color to your wrapping white dress gives it an instant stylish look. Michelle Obama’s metallic belt gives her white dress a contemporary look and Cameron Diaz’s cherry-red belt makes her lace dress stand out.

9.    Long chains

The long necklace plays the part of a stylish central element that perfectly complements a dress with more drapes and folds. Sarah Jessica Parker has chosen a simple gold chain with a pendant and Olivia Palermo has gone for a selection of necklaces which are the perfect finish to her pearly outfit.

10.  A small bright purse

The bright colorful purses or clutch bags give your dress and easy fun-loving appearance. Ashley Greene looks hot with her chili pepper colored purse while Vera Hill is stylish and collected with her purse in sky-blue.


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