Chick for the holidays with lace and fresh colors

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Cold December is once again the heat of dress season. The dresses that are fashionable this holiday season are 60s style and knee-length.

In most cases we have a defined waist with a small neck line. The dresses are closed in the area of the neck and upper body.

Sleeves can be 3/4 or 7/8, not very wide but also not clinging to the arm. A typical 60s detail which is also in today is the round collar around the neck or a tiny bit lower.

Also popular are bows reminiscent of Chanel in this period, lots of lace, a straight line and a pleated skirt Jacky Kennedy style.

In a pant outfit, the patterns that are close to the leg are still dominant. They must be simple, yet effective, using good materials. A tunic over such slim pants is remaining in style for a second consecutive season. Such a combination is also suitable for larger body frames. You can add an element of asymmetry for a artistic touch of eccentricity.

The aquatic colors, such as blue-green, turquoise and bright green will be the colors of fashion this winter. Contrasting combinations are also preferred, such as red and orange or black and yellow.

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Geometry elements are widely used in clothing. They can either be used in different cuts in tunics and dresses or in milder forms of pattern. Geometry can also manifest in the quilting of one piece of fabric over another, or as a color combination.

In style are the simple pattern cuts, cleared of all detail, but improved by the use of a more expensive fabric, which drapes well.

Control the shine this New Year’s Eve, experts’ advice. You will not be unnoticed if you wear some of the fashionable bright colors – red, orange, mustard color, fuchsia and its darker variety-burgundy.

The body shape, the social status and profession put restrictions on the depth of the neckline, but there is no reason why young slender ladies should not bring the hem up to the middle of the hip.

Quality lace, a good jewel or an impressive scarf are that touch of glamour which makes the dress outstanding and adds pleasure to wearing it.

The weather outside might be frightful, yet experts agree that there is no better way to heat up the atmosphere at the cocktail party than wearing a beautiful evening dress. The hot stuff this season are sculpturing dresses with a defined waist, highlighting the forms of the female body. V-necks are the ones in style.

Wherever there is a classic line of silhouette, details are the ones that make it interesting – playful accents on the neckline, transparent sleeves, combinations of different materials and colors, etc. And yet, ladies who do not wish to greet the New Year in a dress can always make the most out of an interesting top combined with slender pants or a festive skirt.

The main highlight is on femininity and elegance, which are further accentuated by the materials preferred for this season. Lace is very stylish. You will not go wrong if you chose a dress made either entirely out of lace or featuring lace highlights. Another valuable quality of lace is the discreet and playful transparency, especially around the neckline, sleeves and other parts of the dress.

Tulle, chiffon and organza are also good materials for creating this transparent effect. Satin and silk with their undying elegance are always a good choice for an evening gown.

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The colors are those traditional for the holidays – bright red, dark blue and all tones of silver. The paler golden tones are also recommended in combination with white or the eternally stylish black if you wish to achieve a successful, elegant look.

A practical yet stylish and beautiful accessory is the fur overcoat which creates an impression of wealth. The bolero is also a good choice. If your dress is single-color, then your bolero can be colorful.

Another accessory highlighting the feminine figure is the waist belt. If it contrasts with your dress it will make your outfit more interesting. Jewelry, brooches, and purses – everything is permitted as long as it is in good taste and measure.

And finally, choose something festive yet practical; a dress that can be worn again, is made of nice material and can shine again in a different setting, in a different combination of accessories and with a different highlight.


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