Beach dress fashion for this summer

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Summer is the time for vacations, cocktails and love. Hot days follow cool nights and are at times so hot that we are at a loss as to what to wear in order to keep cool and feel light and free.

Beach dresses are a wonderful way to counteract the heat and look unique at the beach. The length of this season’s beach dress depends entirely on your taste and preference. There are absolutely no limitations on length set by fashion dictators. You can either buy a very short and playful mini dress or you can go for a more elegant style with a rippling long romantic beach gown.

Even if you choose a long dress you will still be less hot than if wearing pants or even shorts. If you go for the short sexy variety you will definitely not remain unnoticed.

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What matters this season are the colors and the more colors your dress has, the more fashionable it will be. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to tones and nuances. Choose the brightest things you can find and you will not go wrong. The daring combination of orange and blue is a wonderful idea for a beach dress. And why not wear a yellow dress with green floral elements?

However, the top of the ladder this season is reserved for the purple, white, green and blue nuances.

And talking about colors we will also have to mention patterns. This summer there are no limits in this department either. Everything goes – stripes, abstract forms or geometry shapes, they are all fashionable and so are the simpler and easier on the eyes monochromatic dresses.

If you wish to be the most stylish lady on the beach you should decide on an animal print dress or one with floral patterns.

The last thing that can give you a hard time when choosing a beach dress is the material. Experts recommend that you find a dress made of a light, airy fabric. Transparent or semi-transparent dresses made of lace or shiny materials are very trendy this season.

Sequins, pendants, asymmetrical lengths, layers and beads will all look hot on a hot dress for the hot months.


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