An evening gown appropriate with your body shape

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Finding the right evening gown for your unique body shape can be a very difficult task. It is made a little easier by having a good idea of what you are looking for before you go shopping. We hope to make it even more achievable by introducing you to our advice on what to look for according to the typical body shapes.


Don’t make the mistake of letting the dress wear you! Avoid long ringed ball gowns – they will only make you look ridiculous. Instead search for shorter dresses. Showing off your legs will make you look taller. Combine your gown with high heels to complete the effect.

Hourglass body type

If you are lucky enough to have this body shape, then you can wear everything! All kinds and lengths of gowns will go with the fabulous curves of your enviable body. Yet not all ladies are as fortunate as you.

Pear shaped body type

If your body is pear shaped, you will look best in a dress which highlights your small waist. Look for a corset dress which expands from the waist down. This will optically shrink your hips and attract attention to the middle part of your body. A wide metallic belt is another good way to accentuate your waist while tightening it.

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Apple shaped body type

High-waist dresses are good for you, since they attract attention to your upper body. A V-shaped neck will give you a more streamlined look. Don’t be too shy to show off your legs! Apple-shaped ladies often have long and beautiful legs.

Large busted

Large busted ladies do not have to buy discreet dresses in order to look elegant. Just keep in mind that wider straps will help with support and same goes for corset dresses which will support not only your chest, but also your back.

Athletic body

An athletic body is enviable. Don’t be afraid to show it off. Strapless dresses will highlight your beautiful arms, shoulders and back. Gowns made of lycra will nicely fit the curves of your body.


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