Airy dresses for the fall and winter

Image:© Oleg Gekman/ Fotolia

After a short research you can see for yourself and perhaps be pleasantly surprised that this year’s cold months will be made more elegant with dresses, and not just any kind of dresses, but the airy, frilly, fairytale kind. This summer we were enjoying the revealing tight hourglass dresses, often accompanied by a belt around the waist but this winter we will be able to delight in frilly dresses, some of which are fashioned out of heavy fabrics, others – out of lace and airy materials. The most delicate dresses of this season’s fashion world are reserved for the fall. Black and white lace will be ever present in fall dresses, even if just as decoration. We will often see it in combination with brown and beige, as well as a pallet of pastel colors – ink-blue, green, yellow or brick red. Floral patterns will be an indispensable part of this year’s dress. All kinds of autumn flowers, leaves and tree-shapes will take permanent residence in the airy outspread folds of autumn dresses. The color combinations will create a picture of fall passions, either warm and sunny or quiet and rainy in dark-blue tones.

Image:© Masson/ Fotolia

Dresses will be fresh with their outspread girly look as well as with their color diversity. You will be able to find the perfect boots for them too, because the colors in shoe-fashion are the same for this season. And as enchanting the dresses are they will still benefit from accessories such as a belt. This season the unlikely combination of fabrics and materials is again revered and so is the unusual mixing of styles and colors. So don’t be afraid to wear a knitted vest or a leather jacket over a lace dress or to combine heavy luxurious fabrics with low ankle-boots. Fashion tolerates the brave. Don’t hesitate to show your individuality.


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