Where and how to wear formal gowns

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Formal gowns are basically dresses for special occasions, no matter if they are taking place during the day or night. They differ from everyday dresses in design, cut and the fabric that is used for their making. They are very refined and exquisite and look absurd when worn in everyday life. The fabrics are shiny or sparkling, often covered in sequins, rhinestones or jewels. Formal gowns are more often than not long – ankle-length or floor-length.

The classic colors for formal gowns are red and of course black. You can definitely not wear such a dress to the office or on a walk in the park with friends. It is designed for special occasions, celebrations or meetings where a certain dress code is required.

Formal gowns are worn by celebrities on the red carpet and then they reach their full potential. They are usually designer gowns, destined to be worn only once in combination with the most beautiful and expensive jewelry and shoes. A formal dress gives a unique sensation of style, beauty and allure to the woman wearing it.

These gowns can also be worn at weddings. Every woman excitedly awaits each occasion to wear such a dress, because it so vividly stands out against the background of her casual clothes. Putting on a formal gown is in itself a celebration of vanity, beauty and femininity.

The formal gown requires special

and hairdo too, so that your whole look will be in unison with the festive atmosphere of the event. Pulling your hair up in all kinds of buns will add elegance to your dress and overall appearance, while the makeup you choose must depend entirely on the occasion and the time of day or night it is to take place. If the event you are planning to attend is in the evening, then a heavier and more saturated makeup will complement your dress better, especially if the dress itself is black. Such makeup can make your beautiful eyes stand out as a mysterious highlight to an otherwise simple black evening gown.


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