Wedding gowns for plump ladies

Image:© NatUlrich/Fotolia

Every woman wants to look good all the time, but the wedding is something special. On her wedding a woman wants to be a princess, the most beautiful among all who are present and here the bridal gown plays a key part. Unfortunately, plump ladies have a sore problem there – not every dress will look good on them. However, if you are one of the lush ladies out there – don’t despair! You can still look sexy and astonishing on your most special day.

If the bride is to be beautiful, her dress must be fashionable and corresponding to her personal taste and caprice, but it also has to highlight the advantages of her figure while hiding the imperfections.

The best gown for a plump bride is the simple one, not very wide at the bottom. The high-waist dress will accentuate the lush chest and will draw attention from other problem areas. The beautiful chest can also be highlighted with a deep neckline.

The skirt can widen very gradually into a bell-shape.

It is no longer required that the wedding gown be white, all the more that his color is known for optically expanding the body. Different color wedding gowns are very much in style which gives plump beauties extraordinary freedom. Such a gown can also be used after the wedding for other special and highly formal occasions.

It goes without saying that fleshier ladies should keep away from the tight-waist gowns. They should also avoid the mermaid-type gowns, because they highlight the curves of the body all the way to the hips and knees. Lush brides should refrain from using lush ornaments and decorations. Frills are also not recommended, because they create extra volume. Light, “lively” fabrics, a long bottom part of the dress, a deep cleavage are all ideal for a plump bride. Direct your choice away from the heavy fabrics; they will add weight to your moves. Do not use belts or contrasting colors for the upper and lower parts of the gown.


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