The little RED dress in the office


It is no secret that the way a person looks in the office has a great effect on his or her life. Experts in the area of fashion and business constantly race each other to give advice on how to make a good impression, how to dress and how to behave with our colleagues.

A research done in Great Britain and commissioned by the renowned in the area of economy businessman Peter Jones shows that the way people dress at their workplace affects their career.

3000 managers and employees participate in this survey. More than half of them – 80% are affected by how their colleagues look.

Every woman can rely on the little black dress she keeps in her closet as a plan B for every situation. The little black dress never lets us down. However sometimes we like to break stereotypes and add a little color to a grey daily routine, which becomes even grayer with the approach of winter.

There is no better way to look business-like in the work place than to wear something in black. Here is an idea you can employ at the office and at the same time find a good use for the little red dress you rarely take out of the closet. Its time has come.

The little red dress can be combined with black leggings and a short black jacket. As an addition to the outfit or an accent you can put a thin black belt around your waist. If you have a suitable fabric flower in a dark color, you can fasten it to your dress in the area of the neck.


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