The fashion for white wedding gowns comes from Greece

Image:©Alena Ozerova/Fotolia

Every woman dreams of this one fateful day in her life when she is to be a bride, wear a white dress and say “Yes” to the man she loves.

Throughout the years bridal garments go through all kinds of changes. In the 15th century for example it was customary for a woman to get married in her favorite dress; there were no special requirements for wedding attire.

During the Renaissance strange new ideas were added to the gowns, such as cone-shaped headwear or small cushions depicting pregnancy. At one time Renaissance ladies got married in red dresses, but the church was quick to nip this tradition in the bud and ban the color of passion.

Altogether, women preferred colorful garments, because white was still an unconventional choice. In the times of the Baroque, golden yellow was the most popular color which symbolized purity and chastity. The following centuries endorsed the tones of pink blue and green, but white was thought of as obscure and lacking in vigor.

The white wedding dress does not gain popularity until the great discoveries of the 20th century take place. Fashion historians are of the opinion that seeing the beautiful ancient white marble statues discovered in Greece in the early 1900s has given the western world an appreciation of white, associating it with art and beauty and later, virtue and innocence. The masterpieces of ancient Hellenic sculptors are the reason why we still get married in white today and dream of the one day when we can be a goddess, revered and admired by everyone.


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