The bare back dress – hot and fashionable

Image:© veselovfoto/ Fotolia

Wearing a bareback dress in summer is as natural as buying ice-cream but wearing a backless dress in winter is a true test for boldness.

Don’t cover up the exquisite curves of your back! This is the plea of many designers and fashion dictators who have turned the bareback dress into an annual cold-weather tendency.

Bareback gowns are an ultra-elegant choice for New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you plan to party in refined and stylish company, this is the right choice for you – an asymmetrical gown with one bare shoulder and a bare back, or a classic long gown, closed in the front but very revealing in the back.

Bare back dresses are a good choice for other occasions also – if you want to wear something wild for a friend’s party or on your free day. Probably the office will be the only place where a bareback outfit will be frowned upon.


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