The beauty of lace

Image:© paffy/Fotolia

In all the history of garments there is hardly a material as unique as lace. Lace is never out of time and place and it is most definitely never out of fashion. It has its own style and allure that is beyond fashion. Lace is the essence of femininity and beauty.

For some lace is the symbol of a wedding, or at least the decorative detail no wedding gown should be left without. In these cases lace is associated with the idea of purity and gentleness and when we add to this the innocence of the white color it is impossible to remain indifferent to such a wondrous and mysterious combination.

Lace is romantic but not in the immature, girlish kind of way. It is sensual but not without class. In order to highlight the beauty of interwoven threads, designers suggest that the skirts and dresses made out of lace should be worn without lining but correspond directly with the skin. This is a challenge for many women but if you are not brave enough you can always find a balanced lace gown with reasonable length and a thicker weave.

With all the beauty and elegance of lace we must find an occasion to wear this perfection at least once in our lifetime. With dress models becoming more and more diverse each year, there can be no excuse for not owning a lace dress.


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