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Comeback of the dress with short sleeves

There is a great tendency for moderation in gowns and dresses for the following spring-summer fashion season. If before become bare and accumulation of different decorative elements and extravagance was revered, today moderation rules the runways; moderation not only in design, but also in color. Continue Reading →

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Cocktail dresses

You have a special occasion for cocktails with the girls but you are wondering what to wear? Fret not! Dresses have always made ladies look elegant, gentle and in a party mood. Below you will find a few suggestions suitable for going out in the evening. Continue Reading →

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Chick for the holidays with lace and fresh colors

Cold December is once again the heat of dress season. The dresses that are fashionable this holiday season are 60s style and knee-length. In most cases we have a defined waist with a small neck line. The dresses are closed in the area of the neck and upper body. Continue Reading →

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Bridal gowns for 2013

  The  bridal gowns of 2013 are impressive, creative, in light and bright colors and fulfilling every bride’s capricious need. During this year, designers will be using mainly red. Everyone agrees that the time of the influence of white as a basic color for bridal gowns has passed, yet many ... Continue Reading →
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Airy dresses for the fall and winter

After a short research you can see for yourself and perhaps be pleasantly surprised that this year’s cold months will be made more elegant with dresses, and not just any kind of dresses, but the airy, frilly, fairytale kind. Continue Reading →

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Short history of the dress

Dresses have been among the most stylish of women attire since ancient times. From the birth of civilization and the realization of the human need of clothing, the dress has been basic vesture for ladies. This was however a very long time ago when dresses look nothing like they do today. Continue Reading →
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