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Dresses have been popular year-round for decades

If you are a shopping maniac who is interested in all the latest fads and fashion tendencies, you most likely have a walk-in closet the size of your living room and at least half of it houses clothes that are currently out of style. Do not be too hasty to throw them away! If not this year or the next, ... Continue Reading →

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Creative combinations for your little white dress

    Large bracelets The clean white dress, which is very stylish on its own and its color is expressive enough to have eternal recognition can be very much enhanced with the addition of large colorful bracelets in different styles. This idea is recognized by celebrities as Eva Mendes, who wears ... Continue Reading →

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Beach dress fashion for this summer

Summer is the time for vacations, cocktails and love. Hot days follow cool nights and are at times so hot that we are at a loss as to what to wear in order to keep cool and feel light and free. Continue Reading →

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What’s new in the world of prom dresses?

Prom dresses have always been popular. Every girl dreams of wearing a ball gown, not just because they are unique and wonderful with their own star-charm and a glint of magic but also because they symbolize a very important phase of a girl’s life – graduation, the coming of age and the beginning ... Continue Reading →
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What’s fashionable for 2013?

Even though it’s the middle of winter and the long warm summer days are a faraway mirage, fashion, especially women’s fashion is never static and is constantly developing. This is why it is never too early to get yourself informed concerning the latest tendencies in summer clothing. Here are some ... Continue Reading →

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The beauty of lace

In all the history of garments there is hardly a material as unique as lace. Lace is never out of time and place and it is most definitely never out of fashion. It has its own style and allure that is beyond fashion. Lace is the essence of femininity and beauty. Continue Reading →
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