Short history of the dress

Image:© tan4ikk/ Fotolia

Dresses have been among the most stylish of women attire since ancient times. From the birth of civilization and the realization of the human need of clothing, the dress has been basic vesture for ladies. This was however a very long time ago when dresses look nothing like they do today.

The dress itself has considerably evolved during the years and never more speedily than in contemporary times, when the rapidly changing fashion tendencies are constantly remodeling the very idea of it. Regardless of its shape and form the dress has always been preferred among women. There were even times when women were allowed to wear nothing besides dresses. In these times the most beautiful dress models of all time were created – works of art which deserve our admiration and attention. After the emancipation of women and their transition from housewives to equal members of the work force, the necessity of more comfortable clothing becomes more evident. Many women find the comfort they are looking for in pants, which until then were worn only by men. The dress code of these times viewed pants as improper attire for women. Today, ladies’ pants and jeans remain among the most comfortable women wear, but there is a strong tendency for the return of the dress as a female privilege. Up until recently women of the working class wore elegant dresses only for special occasions, but today things are different. This is evident in the fashion collections for the past 2012 where the dress takes a dominant position. Today we have a great diversity of everyday dresses which complement femininity and elegance and even inspire respect in the business world. Today’s fashionable woman does not need a special occasion to be elegant or beautiful. Beauty and style are a daily must.


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