Semi-formal prom gowns

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The most important task of the prom dress is to accentuate the youth and freshness of young girls, regardless of their desire to look grown-up, tempting and impressive. Some girls may prefer the traditional ball gown while others may go for the cocktail dress, which can be worn at other occasions as well. Fashion can satisfy all tastes and preferences, but here we will discuss the advantages of choosing a semi-formal prom dress.

Do you know the difference between a casual, cocktail and evening gown?

With the casual dress you can go visit friends, go to a party or go out dancing in a club.

The long evening gown with bare shoulders, a deep neckline and elbow-length gloves you can wear either if you are marrying a prince or if you are about to receive an Oscar or some other highly formal award.

Fashion specialist advice semi-formal dress code should be kept for the prom. That is the least formal of all formal styles. This way, when the magical evening is over, the dress will not waste its days hanging in your closet as a museum specimen or nothing more than a sentimental keepsake, but can be reused for at least a few seasons for all kids of occasions – going to a dressy restaurant, a friend’s wedding, a christening, family celebrations, company parties, etc.


Should be around knee-length, give or take 5 inches. If you want a very mini skirt, then your shoulders should be covered.


All is allowed as long as it looks good on you. However it is advisable that you choose fresh youthful colors such as peach, soft blue, yellow, golden, mild grey, purple and fuchsia. Black and white is also a good combination, but if you are bent on using a black dress make sure to diversify it with an unusual pattern or detail in order to avoid looking to serious and strict.


Avoid the aggressive erotic style. A corset is very stylish, while the skirt can be tight, widening or puffed. A good compromise is a trail hanging in the back while a short front skirt shows off your legs. This way you can have a dress which is both long and short.


An asymmetrical long and short sleeve, draperies in the upper part of the dress or skirt, an asymmetrical length, see-through fabric details, tassels, embroidery, rhinestone or sequin decorations – these are all acceptable ways to add personality to your dress.

Modern accessories

Belts and small purses in metallic colors, large artificial flowers and butterflies on the waist, around the neck line or incorporated in the hairdo, decorating the shoes or purse. Choose your accessories according to your personality and do not be afraid to stand out among your peers. This is the beginning of your adult life! Along with being prudent, you should also be bold and daring.


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