Popular wedding gown styles


When choosing your wedding gown, the things you should take into consideration are fashion trends, your own preferences and the dress line which will bring out the advantages of your figure. The basic lines are: Mermaid, Princess, Sheath, Empire, A-line and Ball Gown.

The A-line silhouette

It is the most popular and common dress style. The dress line resembles the letter A, tightly following the curves of the body in the upper part of it and gradually flaring from the waist down. This style is suitable for most female body types.


The Ball Gown silhouette

This style resembles the A-line but the skirt is thicker and more flamboyant and falls more freely to the ground. Usually this dress is very wide. It is suitable for brides with tight hips. Short brides should avoid this model because it will make them completely obscure.



The Mermaid or Trumpet silhouette

This dress is tight and clinging to the body all the way down to the knees (for the Mermaid line) or the middle of the hip (for the Trumpet line) where the skirt flares dramatically. This style is suitable for thin women who wish to highlight the curves of their body. It should be avoided by short women or women with pronounced hips.

The Princess silhouette

This dress model is suitable for all female body types; it resembles the A-line but instead has vertical seams which start at the shoulder or the sleeve and follow the length of the whole dress all the way to the hem. These vertical seams highlight the curves and give the body a slimmer look.


The Sheath silhouette

This is a dress model that clings tightly to the body. If you want to hide a few extra pounds or a pregnancy, this is not the style you’re looking for because it either strictly follows the curves of the body all the way from top to bottom or falls straight down from the shoulders to the hem. It is suitable only for women in good shape. This model elongates the body but can also be worn by taller women.



The Empire silhouette

A wonderful model for short women, this style has a raised waistline which is placed directly below the bust and usually continues downward with a thin skirt. The combination of a high waist with a flaring skirt gives the impression of a tall and slim figure.



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