Popular colors in the year of the snake


According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2013 will be under the sign of the snake. In the Chinese calendar, the year begins on February 10th, 2013 and continues until the end of January 2014. In Chinese tradition, the snake is a symbol of wisdom. Besides malice and mystery, it also has qualities as profound insight and pleasure. The Chinese people believe that the colors which will bring luck and prosperity in 2013 will be red, white, pale yellow, brown, golden and black. Even though the western world knows little of this rich and interesting culture, we can still take advantage of the snake’s beautiful lucky colors.

World’s leading designers have probably taken a peek into the Chinese calendar in 2012 because three of the colors that are revered as prosperous for the year of the snake are also singled out as some of the hottest colors for the spring-summer season of 2013.

This year red will continue to transform us into flaming queens of passion. Experts recommend that you choose the red nuances with orange undertones.

Yellow flows from pale to bright and settles on lime.

Brown is found in all of its pale nuances with the chocolate brown tones added on for a touch of splendor.

When you are out shopping, look for items in fiery, sunny or earthy tones. With such clothes you will be riding the tip of the fashion wave, loaded with positive emotions, close to nature and endowed with the luck and insight of the snake.


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