Evening gowns

Image:© gromovataya/ Fotolia

Evening gowns are elegant outfits designed for events which take place in the evening and night, be they formal or more casual. This means that the evening dress can be more bold and daring, and in brighter colors, so that it would stand out in the dim artificial lighting. It is often covered in sequins, crystals or anything that would give it a glamorous shine. When they are informal, as for a party with friends or a dancing club, evening dresses are very revealing, highlighting the shapes and curves of the female body. Their purpose is to attract attention and impress with a sexy charm. Every young lady has a dress like this and maybe not just one. Those are the dresses for exciting events and long awaited parties.

Contemporary fashion offers a vast diversity in evening dresses. They are almost as popular and affordable as any other item of female clothing. Regardless of the fact that we usually buy them with a special event in mind, they are not unpopular and hard to find on the market.

The more formal evening gowns are the ones we buy for more formal occasions, such as prom dresses. They are among the most feminine, sexy and attractive gowns in contemporary fashion. The prom dress is usually the first truly formal evening gown for each young woman and thus has a special sentimental value. It marks the end of childhood and the beginning of the adult life, which makes it a symbol for femininity and beauty.

The formal evening gown is the proper outfit to be worn in highly formal business events, such as dinners, banquets, balls, award parties, and any engagement with a more elegant dress code. In such cases, the evening gown should not be overly hot and revealing. It should be simply elegant with a more mature sense of style. This type of evening gowns call for more expensive and unique jewelry, preferably diamonds. Also, formal evening gowns are usually long, often tight and always highlighting the beauty of the female body.


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