Dresses have been popular year-round for decades

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If you are a shopping maniac who is interested in all the latest fads and fashion tendencies, you most likely have a walk-in closet the size of your living room and at least half of it houses clothes that are currently out of style. Do not be too hasty to throw them away! If not this year or the next, then the year after that they will again be top sellers at fashion boutiques or online fashion outlets.

However, if in two or three years you are not able to fit into your old, but currently fashionable clothes, you have a problem. One of the hints we can give you is to buy mainly dresses.

If there is something that can hide the puffy belly regularly nurtured with hot chocolate or the slouchy bottom, fervently kept from all physical efforts, it’s a dress with all its wavy layers, linings and other paraphernalia.

Dresses have been in style year-round and for decades. The tendency for maxi-models is still strong this summer, but if you are about to buy a maxi-model dress consider whether your height will allow it. If you are at least 160 centimeters, you have nothing to worry about, but shorter ladies should avoid long dresses, because they can make them look even tinier.

A large hat will draw the attention away from other parts you wish to conceal and it has the added benefit of being a fabulous accessory.

Do not wear mini dresses to the office this summer unless all your male coworkers are on vacation if you are to keep from wreaking havoc in the workplace. Whenever you do wear a mini dress you should know that they go with colorful sandals and a large bag or purse. An even better combination for the mini dress is a pair of sunglasses and an exotic cocktail.

The choice of underwear is always important regardless of the dress model. Wear a lifting bra if you are planning on showing off your cleavage. Bikini bottoms are a good option to wear with a dress that is a bit too short. That way you won’t be embarrassed if they are spotted. If you want to wear a tight, clinging dress and look thin enough to pull it off without exercises, diets or pills, then wear Slim and Lift Air underwear.

If you can decide which of the three dress models you like best, get one of each. The summer is long and hot and you will have many occasions to wear all of them.


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