Comeback of the dress with short sleeves

Image:© Lev Dolgatsjov/ Fotolia

There is a great tendency for moderation in gowns and dresses for the following spring-summer fashion season. If before become bare and accumulation of different decorative elements and extravagance was revered, today moderation rules the runways; moderation not only in design, but also in color. It seems as if extravagance has run its course and has become exhausted. The time for the truly stylish and classy look has come. This tendency affects all areas of clothing, not excluding dresses. Dresses are special because they have always been a symbol of beauty, sexiness, charm and challenge and a big part of that image is due to the employment of extravagant elements. Today, the image of dresses is swiftly changing. They are becoming more clean and simple with the classic beauty of moderation not only in the line of cut, but also in color, using the more natural pastel tones. Short sleeves are replacing the thin straps or bare shoulders. You can see this for yourself if you take a walk around the mall or a peek at online catalogs. You will notice that the best-selling dresses are the ones with short sleeves. Short-sleeved dresses add more style and elegance to every occasion. They are especially suitable for an academic environment, the office, or business meetings, where a certain dress code is required. You cannot wear a revealing dress to such events and not just out of decency, but because of the challenging message that this kind of dress conveys. Short-sleeved dresses would not limit your feminine beauty or take away from your allure. They will emphasize it in a more delicate and classy way. And there is nothing better than a dress which combines class and allure.


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