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A new life for your little black dress

The little black dress is one of the unfading classics, which every woman needs to have at hand. If your little black dress has become too tedious after all the cocktails and parties you have worn it to, but your wallet is too thin after all the Christmas shopping so that you cannot afford to buy a ... Continue Reading →

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The bare back dress – hot and fashionable

Wearing a bareback dress in summer is as natural as buying ice-cream but wearing a backless dress in winter is a true test for boldness. Continue Reading →

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Nine ways to look great in a dress

A woman in a beautiful gown always attracts attention from men and women alike. But in order to achieve this you have to know how to look good in a dress. Here are our tips. Continue Reading →

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It is time for a dress

What dresses are in style this spring and how to choose the ones that will look best on you. Get rid of all remnants of winter depression and fight spring fatigue with a brisk walk in the mall and make sure that after the annual cleaning you will have at least one new dress to enliven your wardrobe ... Continue Reading →
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How to wear winter dresses

Girls, winter is the season when our femininity is even more noticeable with the gentle blushing of our cheeks and the mysterious glow of our eyes that only the cold weather can bring. Add to this a beautiful winter dress and you are instantly transformed into a snow-queen. Yes, we love winter and we ... Continue Reading →

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Dresses for fall and winter

In the cold seasons fashion gives way for the need of warmth and comfort. This is why clothes for these seasons are made from warm, soft materials with a comfortable design. Since dresses are among the favorite female attire, they also need to be adjusted to cold weather. Continue Reading →
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