Bridal gowns for 2013


Image:© stakhov / Fotolia

The  bridal gowns of 2013 are impressive, creative, in light and bright colors and fulfilling every bride’s capricious need.

During this year, designers will be using mainly red. Everyone agrees that the time of the influence of white as a basic color for bridal gowns has passed, yet many fashion houses prefer it as a classic. Black is another color striving for a leading position but it seems that regardless of fashion dictators’ opinion, white is still strong in the lead.

In 2013 however, the most fashionable colors will be brown, red, blue and all pastel colors. Experts believe that if any color can overcome the tradition of a white wedding gown, it’s red, because of its reputation as a color of love and passion.

Little by little the fashion world is beginning to accept compromises as, for example, when the bride cannot decide on a single color, she can use both. The most popular combinations are, as may be expected, white and red.

Image:© darkfreya/ Fotolia

As for the line, everything remains the same. The most popular designers still favor the “mermaid” type gowns as before. This year however, they have managed to surprise the audience with extravagant and unusual models, among which stylish, harmonious dresses are frequent.

Characteristic for 2013 will be voluminous models and the use of lace. Designers prefer variable embroidery patterns in golden or silver threads.


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